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We want people in Myanmar to live in good quality houses

From such a thought, our company was established. In Myanmar, we use Japanese technology and construction materials abundantly, and provide houses that is high-strength, cool and comfortable, easy-to-use, strong against blackouts. Also, we will design and construct with Japanese engineers as leaders. Mainly, we will conduct the following three businesses.

(1)Construction of smart house
We will use a lot of Japanese products for building materials. We will also use it for facilities, such as a unit bath, a system kitchen, and a toilet with a washlet. A portable capacitor is standard equipment to cope blackouts. In addition, we will prepare household appliances made in Japan, such as refrigerators and washing machines.

(2)Construction of showroom
The smart house showroom will be built in Yangon. You can actually see and touch Japan quality. You can stay overnight in the showroom, so you can experience the height of design, the comfort of the indoor environment, and the ease of use.

(3)Stock and sales of Japanese-made building materials
We will export a large amount of Japanese-made building materials from Japan, and stock them in a warehouse near the port of Yangon. Of course, we will use them to build smart houses, and we will also sell them if you wish. You can also buy even small quantities, so take advantage of them for your house or office renovation.


Japan Quality of Smart Japan

住宅において最も熱の出入りが激しいのが窓です。建物の熱の40% が窓から逃げているとも言われています。また日射エネルギー(太陽光による熱)も窓から入ってくるのです。

スマートジャパンの窓は日本トップクラスの断熱性能を誇っています。その理由は気密性の高いフレームとペアガラスにあります。ペアガラスはガラスが2 重なので、断熱性が高くなり、結露を防止します。


The window is the hottest place in the house. It is said that 40% of the building’s heat is running away from the windows. Solar energy(heat from sunlight)also enters from the window.

Smart Japan’s windows boast top-class thermal insulation performance in Japan. The reason is the airtight frame and the pair glass. Because the pair glass is double glass, it has high thermal insulation and prevents condensation.








Heat insulation・Moisture proof
Without insulation on the roof and exterior walls, the heat and moisture of the outside air can easily enter the room. The room gets hot and uncomfortable. In addition, moisture can cause mold damage, which can harm your health.

Sufficiently insulation and moisture proof sheet will be installed on the roof and outer wall of Smart Japan. There is no heat and moisture build up in the ceiling and walls, and you can spend comfortably even in Myanmar’s hot and humid climate.






If the air is not well ventilated, the heat will build up in the room and there is no place for the heat to escape. Also, if the bathroom or toilet is not well ventilated, it may cause mold and odor buildup.

Smart Japan’s plan has windows arranged so that ventilation can be properly taken, so the
heat accumulated in the room can be dissipated. In addition, a ventilation fan is installed in the bathroom and toilet, so the moisture and odor generated in the room can be discharged to the outside immediately.

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